Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happenings in my life in 2008

2008 is a combination of challenges, achievements as well as certain disappointments. Major things happened in 2008 are

1) My parents came to hyderabad for a 10 day tour.
2) I attented "Inner Engineering" program from Isha foundation.
3) Rejection and finally applied for H1 - Big story, white tiger, ICSA, etc..
4) Got a job offer in AIGSS.
5) Attented Yahoo interview.
6) Got "EE" in appraisal in Wipro.
7) Books read: Losing my virginity, An autobiography of a yogi, Che guevara,
My years with Kalam, Go and Kiss the world, IWoz
8) Bought more than 5 books for GMAT and scored only 590
9) Got selected in H1 lottery.
10)Went for a tour to Kerala.
11)Guptha's marriage.
12)Went for a 3 day silent trip to Isha and Vellingiri.
13)Met Anu Penta reddy and had some good interaction.
14)Fought with Marium, Anu and Prajakta for hike and failed.
15)went for a tour to tiruchendur, madurai.
16)Got transferred back to Bangalore.
17)Met Srikumar and old friends.