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Bomb the B-Schools

Bomb the B-Schools
The sperm of this thought – writing an article like this, joins with the ovary in one of my famous bus travels. Thank God, unlike women of this world I need not have to carry this child for a minimum period of 10 months. That’s why I have decided to give birth to this child as soon as I got the confirmation that I am an expectant.
MBA, one of the top 10 influential words of the graduate world. In short, an educational gateway which leads to a designation which has holographic character and scope.
- a million dollar opportunity
- a gateway to the world of dreams.
- a road decided to travel for chasing (of course some without knowing what are we chasing).
- The birth place of opportunistic character.
Who should be a Manager?
I have very strong views as an answer for this question. Studies and observations show that more than half of the world’s population take up and accept things which comes on their way without thinking whether it is their cup of tea. The truth is not many know what their cup of tea is. Strange but it is an undeniable truth. How a truth can be denied? Truth is not a topic to be discussed or debated over. Truth needs acceptance with understanding. Na, truth does not require in itself to accept. It is we who needs it.
Today many companies have proven models in place and follow a process which provides so called equal opportunities. What a company needs is not an equal opportunity solution rather a tailor made opportunities for its employees. Many of the process oriented companies give two choices for its employees to choose, a technical line or a managerial line. A lavish hotel providing only two items in the menu to its customers and a medium hotel providing more choices to its customers. Which one do you prefer, provided you are not damn hungry?
The same answer applies to many companies in the world. Coming back to our question, due to the availability of less choices, many choose a managerial line without thinking whether it is their cup of tea or not. Why there is so much affection towards management career like half million love to live with Angelina Jolie. Ultimately we are doing injustice to Angelina Jolie, I am sorry, to the profession, “Management”.
Before making any decision in life, one should give convincing self-answers for the following questions IN ORDER.
1) What is that? – Do I have clear understanding of what is it?
2) Why do I need this?
3) If I get this, will I be ready to die happily?
4) Upon receiving it, what next would I require or is it the end of rat race?
5) How am I going to deliver? Because “With Power comes responsibility”. Answer first whether will you deliver and satisfy every one or find an ISO 9000 compliant answer for your inability. Here I can get the help of my nation’s father Gandhi. Gandhi started as a single person, started where he were without waiting for a positive climate, and was 200% adamant in his goal. There he planted the seed of freedom. These are the best epitome every so called manager and wanna be managers’ needs to emulate. I am not asking you to be adamant but I am asking you to be adamant to deliver and do justice for the responsibility you took with a designation. You must attempt to satisfy every customer, every employee, and every share holder last but not least satisfies yourself. Be careful while reading my above sentence. I am not asking you satisfy them but I am asking you to make an ATTEMPT. Ultimately whether the concern individual get satisfied or not it left to his life’s choice. It is like Gandhi attempted to give freedom, but it is unity of people of India towards a single goal fetched the freedom.
In this world of outsourcing even “Statement of Purpose” to get in to management education, these questions are of much important. Even if you are not trying for a management education, don’t ever accept the management designations which is bestowed on you based on your experience without answering above questions.
If you wanna be a manager?
- Start NOW to LIVE as a manager. Don’t wait for the designation to come or a degree to complete
.- Compare and understand yourself with world’ best managers and try to fill in your weaknesses.
- Answer whether the “Qualities of an Ideal Manager” is filled in you, if not am I susceptible to receive such qualities? Or am I eager to know what are those and try to pursue it?
Do you want to still dig out some untold truths?
The attraction towards management for somebody is because basically their minds want to quench its thirst by making few people to work UNDER him and not work WITH him. If your answer is this, for God’s sake understand that a manager designation is not your direction; there is some other flower in a different garden waiting for you. Find out that garden.
If you are a student, understand first that MBA education is not in itself makes you a manager. MBA education is like a fertilizer to a plant. The seed is with in you.If you are planted in a bad soil, may be a fertilizer will help you. If you are planted in a good soil, even then a fertilizer will help you to give extra characters. But think whether you have seed or not? Because spreading just fertilizer in a land without a soil will degrade the quality of the soil,
Make tailor made decisions whether you need fertilizer or not, it is the soil, seed and water which makes you a plant and not the fertilizer.
If you really have the ability to make a discerning decision, it will be AWESOME. Even if the opportunities and external factors prevents you to get in to a Stanford, Kellogs or MIT still you will be a manager.
I would even go to such an extent even if you are uneducated one can be the world’s best manager if you identify the seed with in you. I need not have list down examples for this. It is known by you.
So YOU decide whether to BOMBard the B-School or BOMB the B-School.

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