Saturday, May 16, 2009

Encounter of 4rd Bribe:

Encounter of 4rd Bribe:

After coming to Bangalore, this is my 3rd enounter of bribery.
All are related to traffic violations. During 1st time, I went to Nandhi hills along with
some of my friends, and for one of the bike, we did not have any documents, and my friend gave away
some amount to police.

I said to myself - thank god!, my friend did not ask me to share - (how luck struck to save my money from bribing?)

Second time, I went to a hotel for lunch on a good sunday after noon. This time again
police sidelined us, my friend's purse was having just 50 and i was having close to 200 or 300.
The traffic police was not ready to accept 50. My friend turned to me and asked me to give some amount
I lied him saying i was not having some amount. I did this with the intention of two things

- to prevent my oney to be used for bribery
- anther way to force the police to accept only 50.

Finally my friend made me as a mortgage ! and drove to an ATM, and the rest is an easy guess.

Third time, I was mere a spectator, again I was with one of my friend after having my dinner.
We were strolling on the road. Meanwhile a police jeep on the opposite side stopped,
an employee of the hotel informed the owner. The owner gave a signal along with some amount.
The employee took the ready dinner packet, ran to the police vehicle and give both to him.
I am not sure why this happened.

On the earlier 2 cases, the mistake was on my side. Ofcourse my friend's side, but still
I am also part of it knowingly or unknowingly. The bribe was paid to cover up the mistake.
But in the 3rd case, I was not sure whether the hotel owner is obliged to bribe the police for saving from
any future troubles or for something else?

Here comes the 4th incident. We, 3 friends, riding on a single motor vehicle.
We went to a theater but found that the screening started 1 hour earlier. We returned on the same route.
While we were few feet away from our house, my friend asked me whether the police is following us or not.
I was replying that i dont know. In a fraction of second, I heard a sound on my back asking us to stop the vehicle.

This time I made up my mind to resolve to pay fine as it our mistake. Police came to us and there were ususal
threats of taking the vehicle to police station. We said, ok lets go there, we will pay fine.
He became furious and asked my friend, where he was working, my friend lied that he is searching for a job.
Then he turned me and asked where i am ? I told him , i am working in Infy (???? - why did I say like that??)

Then the police repeating several times, we should not argue with him as he was doing his duty.
My friend said, he is not arguing, he is ready to pay fine. But the police started asking where you guys are from?
We said TamilNadu, he replied, this is not tamilnadu, this is karnataka. You must know to obey police
I was spectating an about to raise political problem. Soon, my friend replied, why he is bringing states issue in to this
problem. The police again furiously replied, he should not argue, just obey.

I interrupted and told them, we are ready to pay fine, please give me the receipt. He said, "oh you need receipt,
then come to police station" . On my mind, I was both happy and scared. I was happy because first time i am going to
a police station. I was scared whether, they will give us a fake receipt in the police station.
Because nobody knows whether the fine paid is taken as a true fine or not.

There were so many talks between my friend and the police. Finally the police asked my friend to sit behind the vehicle.
Sorry forgot to tell you, there were two police.

One police drove my friend's vehicle along with him. My friend, before they were about to leave, told me ,
"Please bring 1500 to police station". I told myself, "Oh my God, this time really my money is going to bribed",
"I told myself that i will not take more than 200 rupees to police station". i will take the money only to pay fine.
Because through one of my office mail's forward I came to know that the fine is not more than 200 rupees as per law.

On my way to follow them, some one from road side told me to take help from my house owner.
Since he is doctor, i thought he might give morale support. did i need a morale support? I dont know.
My imagination of police station is a shabby building with lots of wooden tables
and papers. Few rapes on the side and few bars behind that there will be few human faces.
I walked directly to my house.

Suddenly the vehicle vrooooomed across me and it was none other than my friend. He told me
that he gave the money to him which he kept for watching the movie. I was happy but at the same
time, again weared my ugly face of being non-patriotic with the mask of incapability.

I told myself, what is the use of reading "A better india, a better world" by Narayana murthy now?
and the most ugliest thing that can ever happe is
just few hours back I was watching the movie "Indian" (tamil,telugu) / "Hindustani" (Hindi) on the same day?

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