Thursday, January 7, 2010

முரு டு america - பார்ட் 2

When I woke up, the beautiful airhostess was distributing headphones to all
vow, I have got a phone. I switched on my entertainment system and started
exploring it. Here I need to tell my opinion.

In the Air Travel industry, I do not understand why or who introduced
that the crew should be beautiful or handsome. From the college days
it looks absurd to me. Either in India or any where, do we choose boarding a train
or any public transport or personal tax based on skin beauty of the
drivers or for that matter any helpers. We dont right. Then who
set the rules that airhostess should be beautiful. That too white skinned
most of the times.

Ok. Forget it. Coming to my story. In the small tv, there were
english movies like "UP", "Julia.." etc.. Also there were music albums
and popular TV shows. I chose a movie, whose name I forgot, and started
watching it. After about 1 hour, I could not continue, I switched off
and went to bed once again.

In the morning (as per IST), the crew started giving the 'Cheesy white cloth'.
This time I was looking around to see whether someone else is going to make
any fun out of it. Mmm nothing of that sort happened. The chief crew announced
that they have two options for food. 'Asian Vegetarian' and 'Chicken blah blah.'
I was interested in tasting something different. But now no way.
I need to choose "Av"

But still the food was excellent. Pudina chutney, white rice,
cabbage, chees, dal, etc..

"I need... blah.. blah. vodka...blah.blah... with two Ice".
The lady turned to me. She asked me what I need for drink.
I can't ask her "what do you have?" because everything was out there
and I just have to name it.

"Mummy - I dont know what to say, I cant say no as I dont want to miss the opportunity".
Lot of drinks in different color, red (assuming red wine), something in orang, etc..
Atleast to hold the glass stylishly, I need to say some thing.
Ah!! finally the rescuer has come..

I told her "Coke". "Excuse me!!", she said. My face became pale,"I was not sure
whether thats a coke or some other drink filled in coke labeled bottle".
"C..K..". I told her just uttering two letters..

Now this time, she smiled and said "Ok. Coke", Adi Paavi
atha thaandi munnadye sonnen..

Here my mind suddenly thought of my friend from Bharatuday Mission
who never drinks Coke or Pepsi products, including Lays, (No can eat just one!!)
But I know someone who never eats.What do you say?

Ok coming back.I guessed that I would have travelled some 8-10 hours
by this time. Watched another movie, another documentary.
Finally, plot announced that he has reached "Frankfurt".
Some of the people felt really happy. "Face is the index of mind"

Lot of times, I could not figure out why people greet , "Safe journey",
when you travel in aeroplane. Another absurdity to me.
As if, when they travel in bike or car, they are 100% sure they
will be alive. Man, people has so much fear for death.
Ofcourse I do have. But not to the death arrived through plane crash.

--Meet you in frankfurt airport

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