Thursday, January 7, 2010

Muru - from frankfurt to Chicago - part -3

Frankfurt, I have heard about this name every time when one of my friend goes to onsite or coming back from onsite. I have created an imagination of
my own. The flight landed.Vow. nice feeling. But definitely not better than the joy rides in Wonderland.

I looked around, it was dark and there were so many lights.Big buildings. Now plane stopped and I stood in the queue to move out.
Yeahhhhh, this time, there are steps from the plane. With foot steps placed like "boom, boom", imagining like Obama getting
down from his aircraft, I came down. "Ivhhhh","Hsss hhuhubbsdf"

I was shivering. I have not been any climate like this. Quickly, I put on my jerkin, gloves.. Got in to the airport bus.
Frankfurt, Germany. yes, Now I am in Germany. Here afterwards, I will also tell that I went to US via frankfurt. My first trip to outside India. I did not feel
like thanking anyone. But when I boarded the plane in chennai.I recollected an incident,

"Hey,, what happened?", Me to another friend.

"Boring da.. every time he comes, he talks about US stories....
how long we will keep hearing.", another friend to me.

I made a resolve, unless and untill if somebody ask specifically and persistently about US experience, I am not going to tell.
For God sake, it is just another country, anyways. And I am here like anybody else. There are lakhs of Indians how have already come here
even before software revolution.

So, there is no point in comparing India and US and weigh against each other.atleast discuss with in friends..

The bus took several twists and turns and stopped at a inside airport.I came outside like everybody else. I took my next boarding pass,
it displayed "Gate number - C16 "

For assurance, I asked an Indian-cum-tamilian over there (just a positive guess),that whether I need to take my luggages once again or will it automatically transferred to this flight.
He said, since your next flight is also from Lufthansa, they will do it..carry on!.

I was about to ask, if my next flight is from different company, should I need takeout and check in once again? Muru-- grow up. This is not a class and discussion to ask doubts.
you find out yourself later..

I started walking at 7:30 AM in the morning towards gate C16.This time I want to be extra careful, nothing that of chennai should happen.
The flight was at 10:45 AM.

I walked, walked, walked!!!!!! for 45 minutes..upon watching the sign boards. It is good that they have placed numerous clear sign boards for every 10 feet.
Without that, I felt, it would be very difficult.

I can now understand the length and breadth of the size of the airport. But there was less crowd. Finally I stood in a queue for another immigration check.

Thank God!!. If I just waving around in this airport, I would have definitely missed it. This time, its a lady. she took my passport, observed my photographs..
gave different reactions using her chubby cheeks, eyes and lips.

"Oh. where is moustache?", she asked me.

"Haha.., its gone", as if I am advertising for Amrutanjan. I know that was not the right reply with correct tone. I should have replied
with some more fun. But you know. these shy tamilians are always bad in making good jokes with aliens. Ok. Hereditary problem.

I walked another 10 minutes, and finally reached C15 gate. Appada...I kept my bag in the chairs and went inside rest room.

I pissed. "Oh my god, I forgot, I thought of pissing while inside aeroplane, I missed it". Ok. next flight I should not.

I washed my hands and that time I noticed, that the other Indian guy was brushing. Cool, Ouch. I did not keep my brush in my carry bag.

I came outside and looked at news paper stand. There were 3-4 german newspapers and 3-4 English news papers. I took "USA today"
and started reading it. US Insurance bill, etc.. no news about India.

I took my laptop and started reducing the size of my MBA essay for "National Technological University". when I was about to finalise it,
the laptop power got off.

Then I waited for another 10 minutes and the announcement came to board the flight to Chicago.

After entering the flight.."Oppsmmm whats this"- the flight was so cramped, small, full of people.

I was not sure how I can travel another 12 hours by sitting in just one place.

...Noww I understood, even international flights can be small.

Meeet you in Chicago------:)

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