Friday, January 1, 2010

Tanjore temple specialities - unknown information:

Coutesy - Ananda Vikatan

By 2010, Tanjore temple will reach its 1000th year. An unbeatable achievement by any temple in India. A challenge to the modern architects. Lets know some information about this massive structure

1. Started in 1004 and completed by 1010.
2. Till 100 years back, people believed that it was built by Karikazha chozhan, Kaaduvetti
chozhan. Only by 1896, a german archaelogist read entire stone scripts and informed the
world that it was world by Raja Raja Chozhan.

3. The most notable thing is it is entirely built using rocks from hills. But there are no mountains or hills in the near by areas of Tanjore today or even 1000 years back.

4. The rocks are unearthed from Naartha hills and Kundraadar temple from Pudukottai district.

5. Kunjara Mallan is the name of the Chief Architect

6. Including TajMahal, several marvels in India are constructed with prisoners. Rather this temple was entirely built by religious devotees.

7. The belief that the shadow will not cast down on the floors is NOT TRUE.
It will. Same is the case with the 216ft tomb structure.

8. The main linga has following features

3ft height, 55 ft diameter and 6ft tomb face is constructed using single rock weighing 500 tonnes. This rock must have been unearthed from a mountain and moved to this temple.

9. This temple has seen chola, vijaynagara, nayakkar, Maratian and English dynasties and holds paintings of each of them.

No place in India has seen so much dynasties.