Thursday, April 23, 2009

got a topic

Yes, I have found a really interesting topic to write. It is "Qualification".
Every thing in this world, whether it is an issue or some sort of happening starts and ends with this 13 letter word.

Apart from that, this has a special quality. It is the most favorite topic of my heart. I don't say i just love to speak about this. It is that this word has enslaved me. It is part of me like my hand.

Ok, let's see what is this Qualification. This is a world of opinions. A world of expressing one's view. A world of keeping one's view. A world of attaching and giving more respect to this so called views more than one's self himself / herself.

90% of the people and 100 % of the current number of countries do not qualify to speak about 90% of the things but still it happens. It happens not for its own sake but to make the world run. Otherwise we will not have a word called affair in English itself.

There was a saint about 3000 years ago. Why the hell I should talk about someone whom I have never seen. Hope neither you do. Ok then lets a contemporary guy. Mm, if I take some film artist, then it wont be proper, if i take some friend's name again it wont be good. Then let me take some X guy.

A child was taken to this most respect X by the child's mother. She complained that the child has a bad habit of (as is she is right in all things) eating chocolates.
She expected X to do some magic to make the child stop eating chocolates. X said that mother please come after one month. After a month the mother brought the child again and got the same suggestion but this time little bit different - to come after 2 months.

The relentless mother brought the child after two months. This time the X said that eating chocolates is bad for health. one or two is ok but not many in single day. This made the mother angry. She asked furiously why the X did not give this fucking suggestion on that day itself.

X said calmly ,"he is not qualified to do so 3 months back".

Now this is not a point. This is not a moral of the story. Rather it a truth. A truth that prevails in timeless manner.

In this world of suggestions / advise, giving an advise to a child is the most easiest thing one can do. Some people keep this as a hobby. Some people cannot keep suggestions or advise to themselves otherwise their head will break in to multiple parts.

But in our case, X thinks first whether he is qualified to do so or not. He not only thinks but act on his words by preventing giving the advise. If every guy has become like this, 3/4 of the world's noise will get over.1/2 of the people will lose their jobs. Most of the consultants will be guillotined.

Ok lets see where and all in our day to day life we can apply this. Ok that might be too much for you guyz. Then lets take one step back. We need not have to apply but start thinking.

Before that let me make one important point here. My intention is not to make people stop making unnecessary comments but to make them think
- lets see if one is qualified to do some Y. If he / she is not qualified
- lets refrain from talking and choose one choice

-- shut down the topic from the mind
-- prepare to qualify to make the Y

Now lets see where and we can apply this in our day to day life. Ok i am sorry, lets see where and all we can think this in our day to day life

1. When having a discussion with friends
2. When providing feedback
3. When criticize something - Oh my god i need to write a separate blog for this 3rd

4. In office, while taking interviews.
5. In accepting rewards.
6. In accepting criticisms from others. (Its a beautiful point to write in detail)
7. While talking with parents.
8. While reading newspaper
9. While eating , ofcourse , why not ?
10. While speaking in public. (Politicians of India are exceptional here. They belong
to asylums not in commune. ok lets leave this)
11. Writing review for a movie.

I have taken only the simple points. The list is almost endless.

Ok having said so much here raises another clarification

Who the hell am I to tell all these things? or whether I am qualified to speak / write about this ?

The answer is obvious.

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