Wednesday, April 15, 2009

lemme write..something

For a long time, I have not been bitten by orkut, face book, blogs, twitters.

I am aware of it but nothing I did not fall in love with that..

even today there is not a big improvement. But still at times I feel to write something ...

I did not follow those mainly because I am not quiet interested in 'talking' to computers.

I love to 'listen' to people. I always want to be part of active listener.

Most of the times, for most of the issues, I dont have a say. So I just listen as sincerely as possible.

I dont have a say because I am too critical.

I want to qualify before I say. So most of the times, i dont qualify which in turn i dont have a say...

so today i was in some mood to give some colors to my blog.

see.. even here i am boring..Getting bored is the worst thing.. making others bore is doing hell to others..

meet u later..

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