Thursday, April 23, 2009

Power of Awareness

"Awareness at right time". Have we ever thought what is root cause all 'correct' decisions?. These decisions could be as simple as what is the right choice of restaurant for dinner or it could be life changing decisions made by students based on their intermediate results or it could be as big like opening up of economy like how it happened in 1990s.

All perfect decisions irrespective of scenarios occur mainly because the decision maker has proper awareness at right time. Lets say we go to a hotel, the first thing happens in this condition is that the waiter offers us the available choices (make you aware). From those choices, we make a decision which makes us happy. If we are not aware of our own choices, how one can make a decision?.

This awareness is the key factor missing in India. An 8th class student of a rural school in India is not aware of how big the world outside is. His mind is not given enough exposure to make his choice of study. If a well performing student of physics who loves to make equations is forced to choose his career in software engineering, India will lose a Nobel Prize in physics. He chose to be a software engineer not just because his parents have made up their minds that only software is a growing field, but because he and his parents does not have enough expsoure that a field like Physics has equal respect in outside world and will definitely allow him to earn good money to alleviate his poverty.

What we saw is a simple case but a powerful case happening in almost every corner of India. The basic Indian problem is both youngsters and family people does not choose what they want but they ought to choose what it is available. Because a family cannot afford to wait for his child to choose his/her own direction. Because there is a possibility that positive fortune might not encounter in life. Thats the reality.

In order to shift this mind-setup in all cases, "courage" is required. Courage will not dawn in to one's head. Courage is driven by strong will and inclination. Strong will happens only when one sees a dim light. A dim light is nothing but awareness. If a light does not appear, courage wont happen, if courage does not happen, one will not have urge to follow his natural wish.
If one does not follow his wish, he will obviously choose something which is nto apprpriate for him. So the entire generation of his will result in weeling.

Here comes my duty to give exposure. An awareness at right time. This exposure will in turn enforce one to have courage which in turn will allow people to follow their ambition.

How am I going to offer this awareness?

1) Incase of education, there should be separate course every week for one period which
gives students what are the possible career choices available in this world/

2) Incase of farmers, through cooperative banks there can be sessions on what are the low
cost manufacturing jobs available in India or how they can venture out a new career?

3) Through public-private partnership private companies can create awarness on what are the
best practices of their own institutions and how it can tailored for public enterprises?

4) There can regular sessions in court for free of charge about court proceedings, basic laws
a citizen entitled to be aware of?

5) A group of parliamentarians can be offered to learn other parliamental systems available in
other nations and how they are effectively using the system to make their country a
developed nation. This will sow the seed of removing flaws in our constitutional system.

6) Instead of free medical check ups, hospitals must come forward to create awareness
among people to prevent diseases

In all these cases, information technology can be used as a tool to provide awareness with efficiency. At the same time to relook in to schemes created for this purpose to benchmark whether these awareness campaigns result in expected output.

Needless to say, change will happen in India but at a slow pace. It will not happen at the rate we want but surely will happen. This is not optimism but its a reality that every civilized society is subjucated to change.

This awareness is not only the driver. But also a catalyst. Creating awareness in one way will enforce one to take risk and stride down his ambition even if future appears bleak.

To explain in lay man terms, if we take a set of slum people to a five star hotel in the city and allow them to stay for few hours and later if we tell them that the people who regularly stay there are not just because they are affluent. We need to tell them how they have reached that affluent stature. It might have occured because of their education. It might have occured because of the hard work in their own business. It might have occured because they are well versed in their own subject (say Nobel laureats, artists).

This awareness will sow a seed in the minds of the slum people that either they should go up to their level or they must create an environment for the next generation to flower. So this awareness will allow them to take next steps.

Thus offering free lunch is of no use. Let us create awareness in every possible way and things will bloom. There is no doubt about it. Who ever mixes two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen will get water. Water is the output irrespective whether the doer is a hindu / jew. Hence our duty is to create awarness in all fields for the less privilaged and you can see the result.

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