Sunday, April 19, 2009

My first movie blog

Nothing has forced me so far to write a movie review. I wont call this as a movie review simply because I am not a critic. so this blog is gonna be about few movies which I have watched so far and which I have liked so far would be a better word.

Out of so many moview both english and tamil, I am highly impressed with a good number of collection. Let me recollect few.

Aboorva sagotharargal,Thiruda thiruda, mouna raagam, bombay, and all balachander movies

Finding nemo, jurassic park, Life is beautiful, Schindler's list, etc..etc..

Out of these I am going to talk about.. ok i am sorry, write about Schindler's list.
Not because it is relatively have a special corner in myself but because that is the one I watched more recently

Schindler's list:

I am huge fan of Steven speilberg. Oh. God damn, every body is fan of him. I like him very much because of his skill in taking variety films. He could able to make such wonderful classics like Schindler's list at the same time, switch his mind to technically advanced movies like Jurassic park, minority report.

i would compare him with Mani ratnam here because of the same reason for the ability to take films based on variety of stories.

Few days my friend Narendran while writing a recommendation for a movie made a comment saying that his movie is not of fantasy type like speilberg's. That time though I know these words are direct quick judgements of lack of awareness, I would like to just ignore it.

That time though i know Schindler's list is a master piece of steven, I dont want to make troubled conversation.

Ok let us get in to schindler's list. I am not going to tell the story , rather few scenes which stand of epitome of a good film , screenplay, cinematography.

1. The first scene starts with a prayer of a Jew family. The soot from the candle just goes up and got morphed in to the soot of a train.

this is one of the best technique and a mostly used favourable shots used by lot of people and lot of eminent directors use this. this is first done by Kiyoshi Kurosawa

2. Then the hero of the film, schindler is an apt selection for the character.. through out the movie he has portrayed the real schindler in a shrewd, stern look but at the same time keen in doing business but not at the cost of people's lives.

As the plot happens during second world war, we cannot expect a real super hero who throw away all villians and save the whole village or world. but schindler is good and does things as practical and possible with in his boundaries.

3. An wonderful scene in which a chicken was killed and the Amon goeth wasking (was +asking) a group of people who has killed the chicken
since nobody opens the mouth, he shot a guy in random. On seeing this cruelty, a boy came forward a step with his head facing ground..

Goeth went to him and asked him whether he has killed the chicken was, the boy nods his said in rejection. then goeth asks then he might be knowing who has killed it..
the boy said the points his finger to the recently shot dead guy..

this scene makes viewers to just jump out with joy. Viewers are confused whether to praise the intelligence of the boy or the intelligence of the director.
Nazi army to kill jews, let me put it over here.

People are made nude, their one leg is tied with a ring, and pushed in to room where there are lot of showers. Thru this showers, poured poisonous gas. when the people are dead, they burn them, and count the number of rings to make account

So the women's train has been redirected to such a camp by mistake. The women like procedural protocal pushed in to the room. You can observe the pathetic situation of the women...

Soon when the women were scared of showers like the viewers of the movie, there comes water instead of gas.. we cry along with women..

4. In another set of cruelties, a bunch of close to 5000 people are captured and burned together in a single place. The soot of such flames raise to the skies and fall in to the city like rain.

ever wonder , ever imagine, the kind of atrocity happened at the time. These things had not happened some centuries back.. it just happened some just 50 years ago.

On seeing this , I believe human beings came to this earth some 2 crore years before. but civilization , and a killing of man by another man is still considred as an art of expressing courage and power.

5. Next scene i Liked most was climax where Schindler feels that he could have done more by trading money and brought some more people.. Such an wonderful acting by the person who acted in the rol of schindler (forgot his name, sorry)

6. Another notable role is the role of Ben kingley, the accountant to schindler.
I could not think of any other movie or character which played such an awesome supporting role.

7. After the movie I felt, may be this is reason why there is always a problem in Israel and Palstein.

After a serious atrocities, where the entire world just watched (till hitler touches their own country), the jews want to protect themselves. They cannot think of any other situation like that.
they have suffered enough for centuries

Thanks to speilberg for making such an excellent movie.

I wish some one from the eastern side should have enough money and courage to capture the real atrocities happening in Tibet, Srilanka and egypt

Not to get an award, atleast to show the world that still the homo sapiens group is not matured even after 2 crore years.

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