Thursday, April 23, 2009

Letter 2 Leaders

Before writing this blog, I wrote two entries offline for my blog. One titled “Letter to Premji” and another is about “PRA – a custom defined solution for happy life”. But I did not give for publishing.

There are few reasons for my decision. Blog titled “Letter to Premji” is my dream project (blog); I do not want to end that as another entry to a million blog entries. I want some sort of result-orientation to my writing, so I decided to come back afresh. Blog titled “PRA…” is a manifestation of an ever lasting thoughts lingering in my mind. When I wrote, it has become much difficult for readers, to some extent even boring. This baby “Letter 2 Leaders” is going to be a series like spiderman-1, 2, 3. I have not decided when to end this series. But I have decided to start this series without any apprehensions or fear of?? (Guess what?). Recently, I read one of my favorite newsletters – Knowledge@wharton. One specific article, one specific line is the cause of this blog. It states that there are many ways to capture trends in shift in customer’s preference. Surveys, direct opinions, feed back forms, interviews have now become “Egyptian old mummy ways.” Social networking (like orkut, Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin) is the latest pool to extract the taste and preferences of customers. The CEOs of Fortune 500 companies use extensively these social networking sites To answer customer queries directly, To receive complaints / compliments from customers directly. To identify what is the next rocking product / fashion. They felt that this interaction every day morning between end-users and CEOs of the companies gave lot of insights than what surveys, feedback forms gave them. Some times surveys and feedbacks just gave out numbers and CEOs could not extract any information which they are available now in handy. Now we shall move in to that trend in near future. Before jumping in to that trend, lets experiment this facility with Wipro’s Internal Customers. That is WE.


If you are now thinking that this blog is going to be a pool of some comments and Wipro Leaders might read the same, then I am sorry, YOU ARE WRONG. Because in your assumption you have neglected two people as part of leaders conglomerate.

One is ME and next is YOU. I am gonna to experiment few things in this series which I feel it should be. According to me “every atom in this world should be subjected to experiment, evaluation and redefinition.” This experiment would not be conducted on TRUTHS because truth neither requires definition nor experiment it just has to be perceived. Say, gravity is a TRUTH it works same before Newton discovers and even after his death. Similarly our values like Honesty, Intensity to win, Integrity are truths. Lets take a short commercial break..:)

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